Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and PAIGE Team Up Again to Bring You Your Dream Fall Wardrobe 


If you remember correctly (how could you forget?!), founder and creative director of PAIGE, Paige Adams-Geller, teamed up with major supermodel and new mum Rosie Huntington-Whiteley back in February to launch a capsule collection of ultra chic jackets, denim, and apparel. The pair is at it again, releasing their second Rosie HW x Paige collaboration, and we couldn't be more excited. We spoke with the co-designers and got a sneak peek at the collection.

Courtesy of Paige/ Naj Jamai

“It was a lot of fun to really think about this collection being glamorous and on-duty,” says Adams-Geller. The line has a very luxe, evening-inspired feel with plenty of embellishment in the form of sequins and starburst beading. The women began the design process with an initial brainstorm where they shared inspiration from their own vintage finds, fabric swatches, and photos from past shoots, working side-by-side as the entire collection evolved into the final product. “I’m always surprised at how much love and how much attention to detail goes into each and everything that ends up in the collection. It’s a great deal of time spent on every aspect of it,” says Huntington-Whiteley who’s been with the PAIGE family for years as a brand ambassador and the face of the campaigns. 

Courtesy of Paige/ Naj Jamai

The duo have endless positive feelings to share about the other, remarking on their natural synergy as both co-workers and friends. Adams-Geller shared how having Rosie as a co-designer the past two capsule collections has brought a new perspective stating, "Through her eyes, [she] can show me a different way to look at a photo, a detail I’ve never thought of before, or a fresh take on a silhouette. ” Between the leather skinnies, one-shoulder blouses, and velvet duster this collection has all you’ll need to create fall looks that are effortlessly cool.

As for the pieces, Adams-Geller and Huntington-Whiteley are most excited to wear themselves? “Everything!” Same here. 

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Courtesy of Paige/ Naj Jamai




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