Roberto Cavalli, Guest Edits InStyle

Roberto Cavalli, Guest Edits InStyle

Charlotte Moore on why Roberto Cavalli was the ultimate guest editor of June's summer glamour special...

There are so many reasons why I asked Roberto to our special guest editor of the June edition. When I interviewed him at his apartment in Milan a couple of years ago – I wasn’t just introduced to him, I met his wife, his dogs, his children. There’s no pretention, no cover-up, he is what he is - hilarious, fabulous and one of Italy’s great design forces. So here’s what happened when he joined our team.


  1. We spent days – literally days - cleaning up InStyle HQ. It was like the King was coming to town. My office had a total refit. Viet our wonderful graphic designer drew a chalk mural on my blackboard, Habitat kitted us out with a whole new load of furniture, we ordered posh coffee, amaretto biscuits, wine, champagne.. who knew what he might fancy when he hit The Blue Fin?



  1. Flowers have always been a big part of Mr Cavalli’s design aesthetic. Plus who needs beige carpet and grey walls when you’re trying to dream up ideas for summer glamour? So we cleared absolutely every surface and covered them with vases of white flowers – it smelt outrageously fragrant.



  1. Arabella, InStyle’s Fashion Director, created a mood-board of June fashion ideas. We wanted the issue to feel ridiculously fabulous and celebrate long summer days in bikinis by the pool. Even if you can’t afford a yacht we wanted to conjure up that super feel-good mood. Roberto was just the man to bring that idea to life.




  1. We had discussed lots of ideas by email but it was fascinating hearing him talking through his S/S 15 collection - each look, each print, each idea.




  1. Unsurprisingly he absolutely loved hanging out with a gang of girls. ‘Sooo many beautiful women’ he muttered as he left making sure he kissed every woman in the room’s hand.


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