PSA: Lush Now Has A Bath Bomb Subscription Service

PSA: Lush Now Has A Bath Bomb Subscription Service

You don’t just go for a bath; you go for a ‘spath’ (that’s spa-bath.) You have your checklist of bath bomb, candles, maybe a glass of tea (read: wine) and you’re ready with Snapchat to do some serious spath gloating…

The problem is, you totally forgot you finished off your last Lush bath bomb on that last spath and now you’re stuck with nothing but a tub full of water (no good for Instagram whatsoever).


Here’s where Lush comes in and fully upgrades your future spath experiences with its why-didn’t-I-think-of-that subscription service. Yep, you can now have Lush’s most Instagrammable bath bombs/bars/scrubs and other such sent direct to your home on the regular.

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So not only will you never run out again, you don’t even have to leave your house to pick one up (we love the Internet). Considering how affordable some of Lush’s products are, this really is a subscription service we can get on board with (I mean, we were always going to buy another one anyway, right?)

Video: The Making Of A Lush Bath Bomb


Already available in the US, the UK will soon be able to opt in to a subscription (of literally any non-limited edition Lush item) by ticking a snazzy little ‘order subscription’ box… It’s almost too easy. You can then arrange for a new bath bomb to be sent to you every month or every 6 months, depending on where you sit on the obsession scale. We don’t have an official launch date yet, but when we do we will be sure to update you.
Just think, you would always have the fanciest bath bomb first (hello Instagram debut), and a regular present in the post. All. Good. Things.

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