How To Do Plus Size Festival Fashion, With Naomi Shimada

How To Do Plus Size Festival Fashion, With Naomi Shimada

We asked our gorgeous plus size columnist and model, Naomi Shimada, to show us what she'll be wearing for festival season this year and to offer some top tips for dressing for a curvy figure

The festival ‘uniform’ of fringing, denim cut offs, un-PC feather headdresses and bindis need to stop, if you ask me. Going to a festival should be something we do to have fun, dance and express ourselves as individuals. So let’s break the cycle and move away from those contrived looks that make everyone look the same and have more fun with it instead. This is not like dressing for one night out; remember, you're going to need at least three days' worth of killer outfits. Festivals go on for days and are almost like marathons, so I often use that as inspiration in terms of comfort and practicality (like wearing something that makes me easy to spot in a crowd when I lose my friends, for example!). And as far as my festival wardrobe is concerned, I want to show that no matter who you are or what dress size you wear, it doesn’t dictate your sense of festival spirit. 

Look 1: Friday

Who says you can’t wear all white to a festival? I feel like the dirtier you get, the more fun you'll have. Wear your scars! I love wearing a knitted stretch dress to hug my body and for maximum dance stretch ability. You've got to wear clothes that are easy to dance in; I like to refer to these items as ‘droppin’ clothes - to pull all the best moves in! 

Look 2: Saturday

I can never resist a good twin-set. A linen coat keeps me warm at night and cool in the day. A coat like this is my go-to item to bring to a festival as it pulls together any outfit and creates a beautiful silhouette. And of course, a girl’s always got to pack a pair of trusty wellies! These bright Hunter ones are my favourite find so far.

Look 3: Sunday

This year I’ve moved away from the usual denim cut off shorts and I'm trying different denim pieces and styles instead. A high waisted skirt is SUPER flattering. Plus, if there was ever a moment to bring out a big hat it’s at a festival - keep the sun off your face and bring on the glam! 

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