Ditch The Heels, Serve Pizza And Don't Be Late, How The A-List Party Now

Ditch The Heels, Serve Pizza And Don't Be Late, How The A-List Party Now

From getting-ready tunes to signature cocktails, Jaime Winstone talks us through her party rules

With her infectious laugh and last-on-the-dancefloor spirit, Jaime Winstone is pretty much the woman everyone wants at their party. So what was she going to do for her own big 3-0 bash? Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t a sedate sit down dinner for 12 at The Savoy, but instead,
 a festival-cum-rave dubbed ‘Winstock’ at her Essex home with 300 friends. In between party preparations (which involved inflating giant blow-up flamingos for the indoor pool), we asked Jaime for all the info on what she thinks makes a perfect party – and why you should never ever show up in your flip-flops. 

1) Start off classic 

‘Believe it or not, I like to put on classical music when I’m getting ready. Then I’ll pour myself a glass of champagne and take
 time doing my make-up. I hate being rushed. Keep it classy, or as my friends would say: “Keep it couture”!’

2) It’s not fashionable to be late...

‘I’m a Virgo, so I like people turning up on time. Obviously if you’re going to a club, you know to arrive three hours after it’s opened, but if it’s a friend’s birthday then I think you should get there when they’ve asked you to.’

Jaime on the swing ride at her 30th birthday, wearing the Wildfox Disco Star beach jumper (£100), exclusive to selfridges, and Wildfox Fontaine sunglasses (£159) available from WildfoxCouture.co.uk

3) Invent a signature party drink 

‘We have a joke cocktail in our group of friends called a “Preside Yourself”. It’s
 a mixture of prosecco and cider. It’s weirdly nice – the prosecco keeps it from being too sweet. I’m pregnant right now, so I’m on the Shirley Temples [ginger ale and grenadine].’

4) Get creative with your theme 

‘My 30th was basically a mini festival. We had a giant tent, a merry-go-round and the theme was psychedelic major rave. The dress code baffled some people, but I like it when
a theme is open to interpretation. I had a few outfit changes, but I wore loads of Wildfox – they do brilliant slogan knitwear and everything’s really easy to dance in.’ 

5) Keep the food plentiful and simple 

‘I’m not pretentious with party food. For me, it’s about people getting fed, so I’ll do loads of pizzas or a barbecue. I think my friends know by now that if they want something else, they’ll have to eat before they come!’ 

6) It all comes down to the squad 

‘I’ve got a brilliant crew. Jewellery designer Hannah Warner is pure gold, musician Robbie Furze has excellent chat and Melanie Blatt is my dance-off partner.’

7) Keep the crowd together 

‘At a lot of parties, I get wedged into a VIP area with a weird rope that separates me from other people. But the best parties are the ones where everyone mixes together.’

8) No silly footwear  

‘I don’t get it when people wear flip-flops to 
a party. They look ridiculous. I’m not a big heels girl either – for me, it’s Dr Martens or serious kicks to get me through the dancing.’ 

9)  Absolutely no DJ egos allowed 

‘There’s nothing worse than a bad DJ who gets into their own zone. My perfect playlist would start with disco, follow up with some old school garage, then end on a bit of jungle.’

10) At the end of the night

'My boyfriend is excellent at mixing up those “anything goes” punches with whatever’s left to drink. He always knows what to put together – they’re pretty killer.'

Jaime hosted Winstock in partnership with Wildfox, available at Selfridges and wildfoxcouture.co.uk

How The A-List Party Now

What to wear

Then: Leather leggings and silk shirts

Now: Sheer dresses and Adidas Stan Smiths

Pre-party communications

Then: Group text

Now: WhatsApp


Then: Mini fast food - tiny pulled pork buns, little burgers, small fish and chips

Now: Mac and cheese, ceviche 

Dance to

Then: Pharell's 'Happy'

Now: Years and Years 'Shine'


Then: Espresso martinis

Now: White whisky cocktails

On social

Then: Tagged Facebook selfies

Now: Instagram tag #AboutLastNight

Proper invites

Then: Paperless post

Now: Amusing email meme


Then: Taxi at 1am

Now: 3.30am Uber 

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