The Micro Bag: A Trend Too Far?

The Micro Bag: A Trend Too Far?

It's one small step for bags, one giant step back for mankind…

Do the best things REALLY come in small packages? The likes of Valentino and company seem to think so for spring/summer 2017. For his first solo collection for the house, Pierpaolo Piccioli showcased a series of show-stopping gowns teamed with (possibly) the smallest cross body bag ever known to mankind. It's basically the biggest thing in the micro world since the micro pig.

What could one fit in said bag? Certainly not the latest iPhone 7 or even the smallest of lipsticks. Therefore one should resurrect the old school trend loved by Essex party girls of hair spraying your face pre-night out because touch ups are no longer an option - and wave goodbye to midnight selfies whilst you are at it. Your Snapchat story may thank you, though…

TBH the item in question is more of a necklace and, in case you were really concerned about the storage solutions here, the ‘bag’ was teamed with a larger, more substantial friend. Why have one bag when you can have two?

Double dipping is the new thing when it comes to accessories for Spring/Summer 2017. Phoebe Philo’s Celine also got in on the action by attaching mini pouches to her ladylike box bags (image above)

Meanwhile, Piccioli’s former Valentino colleague, Maria Grazia Chiuri debuted at Dior with a similar number of show-stopping gowns to Valentino’s but her woman is certainly a touch more practical. The humble clutch bag was upgraded to cross body status with thick utility strap - great if you want to switch up your dance moves on a night out (image below).

One great thing to possibly come out of this micro mini bag trend is that the tote bag - much loved by mums on the school run - may cease to exist. If you are one of the said mums on the school run and have to leave the house with everything including the kitchen sink, Balenciaga has the handbag for you. It’s not really a bag, it’s more of a late 80s, early 90s pouf which moonlights as a bag. 

Chloe’s carefree bohemian girl certainly doesn’t need excess baggage, though. A point proven by the mini moon bags that doubled up as a snazzy oversized bracelet. It’s more than what the poor Saint Laurent girl got this season. Anthony Vaccarello’s lady for Spring/Summer 2017 didn’t even require a bag, the only accessory she needs is a bucket full of sass it would seem.

At the risk of sounding like a grandma who is preoccupied by the practicalities of fashion one could say that fashion's penchant for smaller sized goods won’t catch on. Instead, being the sassy fashion boy I am, I would recommend saying goodbye to your keys and any paraphernalia on your person now. You have heard of a digital detox, this is the crash dressing diet that is like SO huge/big/chic/ the must-have for 2017, darling/hun/babes/sweetie.

Is the micro bag trend a step too far? 


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