Our Favourite Cereals EVER

Our Favourite Cereals EVER
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When we heard East London was getting its own dedicated cereal cafe we got pretty excited. Offering over 100 cereals, 20 types of toppings and 12 varieties of milk it's set to open on the 10th of December serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Which, let's be honest coming up to payday pretty much sounds like our meal planner. So in celebration of the humble grain that has often come to our grumbling tummy's rescue here's a roundup of our all time favourites...

Honey Loops

We loved Pops the buzzy bee that lived in the bee hive with all her bee buddies. The honey covered loops also made for a pretty buzzy start to the day.



Rice Krispies
Timing was everything with this. If you poured your milk too quickly you missed the crucial snap, crackle and pop. Too slowly and you were left with a soggy bowl of mush.

Crunchy Nut cornflakes
The definition of addictive. Featuring honey, sugar and peanuts we have been known to scoff an entire box and even sometimes straight from the box. We're talking handfuls of dry flakes. Does it help if we say we were hungover at the time?

Coco Pops
"We'd rather have a bowl of Coco Pops," Yep, we felt so rebellious shouting that at our parents when faced with eggy soldiers on a Sunday. Key rituals in this cereal prep are the pouring of one own's milk (watching the milk turn brown is a key highlight) plus careful eating of the grains first to leave enough chocolate milk to slurp afterwards.


Sugar Puffs
These were pretty much what they said on the box – puffs of sugar – which sounds great to give children first thing in the morning. Unsurprisingly the name didn't last 2014's ditch the sugar campaign by kale fans so have been rebranded as Honey Monster Puffs. Thankfully Jeremy the Bear and his giant jug of milk made the health cut.

Marketed as "whole grain" and "clinically proven to help to reduce cholesterol" these feel postively wholesome. Shame the same can't be said about the much more moreish honey version.

Frosted Cornflakes
Made of sugar coated corn as Tony the Tiger exclaimed "they're Gr-r-reat!" If you had to share a cereal variety pack with your siblings this was the box that caused the most arguments.

Lucky charms
Forget NIKE trainers or Abercrombie and Fitch hoodies, if you knew of someone going to the USA for their summer holidays a box of these charms is what you begged them to bring you back.

Golden Nuggets
Apparently they taste 'Yee Hah." we're not sure what that's meant to taste of but whatever it is these crunchy yellow balls are pretty darn tasty.


Frosted Mini Wheats
Smothered in powdery white frosting, you knew the sugar high was going to lead to a major sugar crash but it was totally worth it.


Technically not a cereal but these crumbly delights deserve an honourable mention as one of our favourite special treat brekkies. If your friend had lenient parents who stocked them in their cupboard then sleepovers at theirs were particuarly exciting.

Golden Grahams
Another one of our favourite American imports. Crispy and crunchy and not overly sweet with milk – key signs of a good cereal we say.

Breakfast With Barbie
Tiny hearts, bows, stars and of course the capital letter "B" in neon pinks this was the most exciting arrival to the breakfast table. Who wouldn't want to have breakfast with Barbie? Plus check out the ad to see Ken.



Cinnamon Toast Crunch
AKA Cinnamon Grahams, this aims to taste like cinnamon toast in cereal format. Several spoonfuls later we can vouch it does.


An excuse to have a chocolate milkshake for breakfast. Pass the spoon/ straw.

Another one of our chocolate based cereal addictions it also feature our all time favourite cereal mascot Professor Weeto. Remember his really cool glasses, made of Weetos natch? Sadly he was replaced by The Weeto in 2010 – essentially a giant weeto with arms. Bring back the Prof we say.

Fruit Loops
Lacking Lucky Charm's marshmallows but it makes up for it with its vivid hues.



A relevant newbie on the cereal aisle we found for last minute dinner parties (read drunken gatherings) this can totally pass as desert.


For more information on the UK's first cereal cafe The Cereal Killer Cafe click here

By: Chloe Mac Donnell - Follow me on twitter @tweetchloe

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