WATCH: Oliver Cheshire Talk Summer Style And Top Insta Poses

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Oliver Cheshire joins Joshington Hosts for the ultimate bike ride to talk holiday posing tips, Pixie Lott’s clothing bans and he gives his ultimate summer style tips for men. One to pass on to your other halves, ladies…

Model and all round babe, Olivier Cheshire hopped on his bike with Joshington Hosts for the ultimate bromance date. Cycling around Kensington Gardens on their Foffa Bikes, Oliver got in some vital training for his Pedal To Paris mission, which will see him cycling to the French capital all the way from London to raise money for The Royal British Legion as part of the M&S team.

Obviously the small matter of training didn’t get in the way of a jolly good chinwag, with the lads discussing exactly how to nail summer style. As the face of the M&S Autograph collection it’s no surprise Oliver is well equipped to serve up a sensational summer outfit, ‘my go to for summer is a nice tailored pair of slimmer fit chinos in an alternative colour to beige- men wear a lot of beige! Bin your leather shoes in favour of a bit of suede. Or add a linen bomber, too. A Cuban collar is really on trend at the moment too.’ Lads, take note!

Living in a social media savvy world many of us will be thinking about those all important holiday instagram snaps. Luckily the top poser himself is here to solve your problems, ‘always have a good connection to 3G! I also think shooting at the right time of day, especially the golden hour is perfect. Just make sure you have a great outfit on!’ But don’t expect to see Mr. Cheshire doing a Derek, ‘I like the image to look casual, I don’t want to be blue steeling it up all over my Instagram!’ Make sure you practice your best ‘casual but not trying at all pose’ then team!

In case you didn’t know Oliver is also part of a sassy celebrity power couple with Pixie Lott, but sometimes they don’t see eye to eye when it comes to clothes, ‘she hates me wearing tank tops or vests. If she ever sees me wearing one she’s like, “get it off!” So alas ladies don’t expect a one way ticket to the Oliver Cheshire gun show anytime soon.

Watch the video above for more, plus the greatest dance move of all time… arguably…

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Oliver Cheshire is the face of M&S Autograph Collection and sponsor Oliver’s Pedal To Paris cycle attempt here.

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