100 Years Of Wedding Dresses In 3 Minutes? Let The Gown-A-Thon Commence...

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Take a sartorial step back in time with this beautiful film, which charts the prettiest bridal looks from the last 100 years in just THREE minutes. Yes, really...

Trends come and go almost on a daily basis, and while wedding dress trends arguably have a longer shelf life than everyday garments, they too have gone through quite the transformation over the decades. After all, chances are unless you're REALLY into taffeta and pouffe sleeves, you would never consider wearing a wedding dress akin to your mother's for your own big day, would you?

However, whether you're looking for bridal dress inspiration for your upcoming wedding or your just dreaming about what you'll wear when you say 'I do', we guarantee you'll be amazed by this brilliant video, which we found during our latest YouTube trawl. 

Mode, the genius team responsible some of the Internet's best throwback fashion videos, have created a film that breaks down how wedding dresses have transformed since 1915. What's more, they do it in under three minutes. Impressive, yes, but also super-inspiring in the bridal style stakes.

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From '50s calf-length hemlines and A-line skirts to the slinky column numbers in rich sateen of the Noughties, there's not a dress in that gorgeous line-up we wouldn't be happy to call our own. Well, maybe bar the one from the '80s, but that's kind of a given...

And it's not just the gowns that the Mode team have focused on. In a bid to totally recreate the most iconic bridal looks from through the ages, they've also commanded a team of hair stylists and make-up artists to give the model beauty looks from each respective era to match every individual dress, making each bridal look all the more authentic (and stunning, we might add). 

Watch the video above to see the matrimonial trends that have come and gone through the years—you'll definitely find inspiration for your big day in the process. 

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