Next Season Right Now: 3 New York Fashion Week Trends We Can’t Wait To Try

Next Season Right Now: 3 New York Fashion Week Trends We Can’t Wait To Try

If there’s one thing fashion week does, it’s make you reassess your entire wardrobe. Here are a few of a/w2015’s trends that we’ll be hunting down as soon as is humanly possible…

The Long Knit Skirt

We may have seen long skirts with and without asymmetric hems, with draping, folding and/or fastenings, but they all had one thing in common: they were knitted. Length-wise, it HAS to be below the knee, and is best worn with knee-high boots and more knitwear on top (see Michael Kors, pictured below). We’ve already spotted some good ones in Zara, so this really is a trend you can try right now.


The Tailored Flare

What’s not to love about this? It’s super-flattering and easy to wear, particularly if you are tall or a fan of block heels and platform sandals (the PERFECT accompaniment). We loved this look when paired with a matching jacket in earthy shades of brown and rust, as seen at Derek Lam (below).

The Roll Neck

Well what a stroke of luck – this is a trend we actually ARE trying right now! It’s always nice to see a trend that you’ve grown rather fond of is going to stick around. We saw them in every shape, size, colour and fabric, our favourites being the oversized chunky knits (at Ralph Lauren, below), but it’s important to keep your proportions in check with a slimmer line on the bottom. We also loved the skinny polo (perfect for layering) that came in our favourite retro shade of the week: orange.

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