The £36 Next Accessory Our Stylist Will Be Wearing To London Fashion Week

The £36 Next Accessory Our Stylist Will Be Wearing To London Fashion Week

With London Fashion Week comes the bi-annual wardrobe panic for all fashion editors. You might think we’ve all just rocked up looking ‘fashionable’, and because we work in fashion we have a tonne of amazing clothing, well, it’s actually far from the truth. Weeks of planning and shopping goes into those Insta-worthy looks, including mad dashes to Zara between shows and endless emails to brands and fashion PRs arranging the loan of stand-out pieces.

Shop Now: Large striped tote bag, £36, 

All high street stores make sure their Oxford Street shop floors are at their absolute best and fully stocked with new season collections, both in the lead up and during the show season. French Connection has even dropped a dress this season called “The Fashion Week Dress’. Yep, it’s true.

The pressure to look good during fashion week is pretty high. Personally, I hit the high street and do a complete haul in one clean sweep and a lot of it ends up being taken back afterwards for 'what was I thinking' reasons. But, this season, I came across THIS bag from Next and it's actually amazing.

This could-be-designer accessory it only £36 and I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those: ‘Oh, who’s your bag by?’ type situations. For me, a teeny tiny bag that only fits my iPhone and debit card in just doesn’t cut it, I tend to lug round my laptop, plasters, water, snacks, more snacks, and not to mention the invites and tickets. This Next bag is the answer to all my fashion week woes and will go with absolutely everything.

The only question is: do I 'fess up that it’s a high street barg!? Hmmm...

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