WATCH: Zara Larsson's Topshop Haul Video

Intro Deck: 

Zara Larsson, the new Princess of Pop joins Joshington Hosts for a Topshop Haul video to give you the best high street buys available NOW!

Despite confessing that she has NEVER been on a first date, Joshington challenged Zara to pull together the perfect date outfit. The result? A relaxed, casual look that isn’t short of impact. We will see you in the queue for that bold bomber! However despite Zara questioning whether  ‘you need bottoms,’ for a date the pair also find those too. Luckily.

Moving swiftly on… Joshington also challenged the Lush Life singer to pull together the perfect Saturday night outfit, or as the pair call it, the ‘sass suit.’ The outfit of choice is part Neil Armstrong, part Space Invader meets 70’s disco. Burn baby burn!


For the final shopping challenge Zara went on the hunt for the perfect Grammy’s look. We are talking high-end glamour without the price tag people! So if you are lucky enough to also be performing at the Grammy’s make sure you take a look at the video above. If not, it’s the perfect karaoke number. Curious to know what Zara’s perfect karaoke song would be? Well make sure you watch the video.

All that is left for you to do is to go forth and shop ladies by clicking on the below links! Let us know if you got lucky if you try and test Zara’s dating outfit…

Red bomber, £49

Stripe jeans, £42

Body, £18

Silver Trousers, £32

Silver boots, £75

Playsuit, £50

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