Your Election Hangover Cure 2015

Your Election Hangover Cure 2015

If, like us, you're still reeling from last night's events, cure your political hangover with our round up of the best bits...

Oh election night 2015. You promised so much…we expected dramas, surprises, unpredictability, unforgettable 'did you see that bit when?' moments right up until 6am. But if we're totally honest, you turned out to be a bit meh. Like a date who ticked all the right boxes on tinder but then sent us a text saying 'cool beans!' - at that moment we watched with resignation as all our hopes for an exciting night slipped away.

But it wasn’t ALL boring.

There were the ridiculously awesome BBC1 graphics which showed Jeremy Vine leaping round a virtual House of Commons like he'd  stumbled into some Zombie Apocalypse computer game, there was the moment former Lib Dem leader Paddy Ashdown  unwisely said 'I'll eat my hat if those polls are right' and the entire population of Twitter spent the rest of the night offering up serving suggestions. And then on C4 there was Jeremy Paxman's forthright response to Russell Brand's approach to politics,  'if you don't vote – you're a moron'. So bye bye Vince Cable, adieu Ed Balls, au revoir Ed Milliband and farewell GE2015, let's take a look at some of your best bits…

1. Not even running for Prime Minister and still the star of the campaign trail, Boris Johnson’s signature scarecrow chic hair deserves appreciation. 'Windblown as ever', complimented David Dimbleby.


2. Never mind beach body ready, Milliband and Cameron clearly stepped up their squats for the General Election 2015. Check out those politically-themed pants.


3. An unlikely icon for British politics, Maggie Simpson shapes the fate of the nation in red, yellow and blue – and she’s not even old enough to vote…

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4. Another election, another batch of resignations. A tough night for Farage, Clegg and Milliband who might need to spruce up their CVs in coming weeks. We can’t wait to hear their reasons for leaving their last job.



5. With a landslide SNP majority, Scotland stand united against, well, the rest of the UK. Anyone for a move to Scotland?

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6. You go girls! The General Election 2015 made history as 1 in 3 MPs are now female, up 8% from the last election. Mhairi Black was also named as the youngest MP since 1667, at 20 years old. 



And here are some of InStyle's best election night moments…


Hannah Rochell; I managed to drag my husband out of the house for the first time in four days (he has actual flu, not even man flu, bless him) to vote at 8pm. He was so glad to be up and about he persuaded me to pop to the Co-op for some tin foil (rock n roll!). As he'd been watching the election all day on TV already, we watched a documentary about Sharks on BBC1 (which was amazing) until the exit polls at 10pm, when I promptly fell asleep on the sofa.


Emily Dean; Still going strong at 2am watching Channel 4's Election Coverage. The guy in the glasses seems kinda hot…


Nick Spensley; I spent election night watching my three favourite drag queens from RuPaul's Drag Race perform on stage. There's been a lot of tension across the UK over the past couple of weeks with the election going on, so why not a little comic relief?


By Emily Dean and Isabella Silvers 

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