You only need Onecup!

You only need Onecup!

The new accessory, adorned by Aussies all over, the Onecup has hit the UK. It is eco-friendly, re-usable and so much more than a coffee cup...

he onecup has hit the UK. Massively successful with coffee lovers all over Australia onecup is eco friendly and a real penny saver.

Born in Melbourne where people are serious about their coffee the Onecup is the fashionable, eco-friendly accessory that's designed to look cool and help save the planet. While a phenomenon in cities Melbourne and Sydney where clean living and coffee drinking are part of the Aussie dream, the Onecup can be seen in the fashion clutches of many a sun-drenched city slicker.

Made from silicone It is designed to withstand 200°C, keeps your coffee warm, while cool to the touch and thankfully dishwasher friendly. its ambition is to decrease statistics like the recent report which suggests that in 2010 America alone will discard 23 BILLION paper cups due to non-recyclable waterproof linings.

With Coffee giant Starbucks offering a 25p discount to anyone who uses their own cup, take a look at the colours featured and make like the fashionistas Down Under!

Due to Launch in red, our favourite is chic all-over black. When the phrase "look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves" has never been so true, the Onecup will be your morning hero - guilt free AND good looking.

Don't leave home without it!

By Roberta Massy-Birch

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