The humble yellow raincoat. The slicker. The rubber mackintosh.

Who would have thought such a simple (and practical) cover-up would become my latest fashion obsession.

No really. It's becoming a problem.

'Wait, you've totally creeped on some poor girl at the bus stop,' was the WhatsApp I received at 7:03 the other morning when I sent a friend a pic of my latest yellow mac sighting, taken somewhere in Hackney.

'Amie, it's a bit weird. Would you not just buy one off the internet?'

But I can't help myself. It's become like some bizarre form of birdwatching. My phone is full of screenshots and impromptu street snaps (unbeknownst to the hapless raincoat wearer, apologies), where I've spotted a bright duckling-yellow raincoat and added it to my bizarre little collection.

Instagrammers are posting selfies from leafy glades across the country, smiling out of yellow plastic hoods with a smug one-upmanship... and inside, I'm silently seething.

I've even started recieving texts like the below.



Believe me, I have shopped about and there are plenty of options out there - but I am still shy of purchasing. Why?

Is it because I'm looking for THE holy grail of yellow raincoats? Is it because I feel like that by owning one suddenly I’ll belong to some exclusive club that I'm actually not fash-worthy enough to be a part of? Like, do I need some password to wear one? Do I have to be into sailing?

And the worst thing about this ridiculous fetish is that people I know keep turning up to work or to festivals wearing one.

‘Oh this? I got this from a service station in France.’ My Fashion Features Ed nonchalantly exclaimed the other morning when she breezed in, wearing possibly THE most perfect yellow raincoat in existence. I felt like crying.

And don’t. Don’t even get me started on Mary Berry. That saucy style maven.

So, just because I’m getting to the point where I’ll burn if I don’t purchase one, here are some of the best yellow raincoats on the market. From saving pennies to full-on splurge, here are team InStyle’s faves.

1. Thrifty

Boohoo's sunny yellow offering is an absolute steal for £35. Plus the gingham lining is just too cute. Perfect for unreliable festival weather, this jacket is an all-round favourite.

2. Mid-Range

Topshop's hooded mac offering has been the subject of many a personal jacket perv, and lots of street-stylers have made this option their rainy-day mantra. Priced at £55, this beauty is still on the reasonable side of of a pre-payday treat, plus the 100% polyurethane finish will keep those pesky showers at bay.

3. Splurge

This iconic rain jacket from beloved brand Petit Bateau is a bit of a treat at £132, but it'll be a bona fide investment purchase that you'll own forever. Throw over your workwear ensemble for an instant colour injection.

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You wait. You'll be spotting them on every street corner!