The Life Of Kanye: 24 Insane Things We’re Talking About After Yeezy Season 3

The Life Of Kanye: 24 Insane Things We’re Talking About After Yeezy Season 3

Yeezy Season 3 was even more insane than you could have imagined. From the famous family front row to the Taylor Swift row reignition, here’s everything we’re talking about from NYFW’s most hyped show

Yeezy Season 3 was everything Kanye West could have hoped for – and more. With his newly blonde wife and her entire family in the front row, the rest of the crowd was packed out with everyone who’s anyone from the worlds of hip-hop and fashion. You’ve no doubt been swamped with Insta-images of the tent-like set at Madison Square Garden, but here’s what you really need to know about Yeezy Season 3.

1. The Clothes
First off, Yeezy Season 3 is supposed to be about the clothes. Kanye has been teasing us with details on his Twitter page for the past, but up close, the collection was a mix of those tight, bodycon outfits in neutral tones, with flashes of burnt orange, mustard and red.

2. The Kardashian Collection
All of the Kardashian family were FROW, dressed head-to-toe in custom designed Yeezy looks. Kanye designed the looks two weeks ago in Paris, in collaboration with close family friend Olivier Rousteing of Balmain. 

3. North West
Even North was dressed in full Yeezy, wearing a white hoody with fur sleeves (more on that later…), and crystal choker. That lollipop gave added sass.

4. Kim Goes Blonde
Yep, Kim went ice blonde again to match her custom Yeezy look, with waist-length super sleek hair to match Khloe.

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5. Caitlyn and Kendall Jenner
What would you do? Caitlyn and her daughter rocked the same look to Yeezy Season 3, wearing a white ribbed jumper dress with distressed rips and holes. Who picked it first?!

Backstage getting ready for the big show in New York. #nyfw2016

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6. The Guest List
Gigi Hadid, 50 Cent, Anna Wintour, Travis Scott, Jaden Smith, Young Thug, Charli XCX, Karlie Kloss, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Olivier Rousteing, Tyga, Busta Rhymes, Carine Roitfeld, A$AP Rocky, Lil Kim… and that’s not even everyone.

7. Lamar Odom Kanye even personally escorted Lamar Odom to his seat, right next to Khloe Kardashian, in his first public appearance since his accident. Does this mean it’s back on for Khlamar?

8. The Rules
Think being a Yeezy model is easy? The models were handed a strict set of 38 insane instructions, including “no eye contact, no acting, show pride and do not break the rules”. Remember. “you are a picture”. Check out the full list of Yeezy rules here.

9. Taylor Swift
Ouch, we thought this feud was over… Kanye and Tay seemed to kiss and make up after that VMAs incident of 2009, but Kanye’s new track famous is pretty rude. The lyrics “I made that b*tch famous” didn’t go down too well, as Taylor’s rep confirms she never approved the track after Kanye reached out over Twitter. Kanye even brags that he could sleep with Taylor if he wanted - which is totally uncool. Her response? Tay cautioned Kanye about the misogynist message the lyrics convey. Taylor’s brother, Austin, responded by binning his Yeezys on camera.

Getting a head start on some spring cleaning. Here we go again.

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10. Taylor’s Girl Squad
Gigi and Karlie were not pleased. Gigi’s response said it all:

11. The Life Of Pablo
Yeezy Season 3 debuted Kanye’s new album, The Life Of Pablo, with tracks including Ultra Light Beam, Real Friends, Famous and Wolves. Awks moments included when it wouldn’t play at first.

12. The Cover
Kanye also dropped the cover to his new album, but there’s no word yet on when the actual music will be released.


13. The Set
First of all, Madison Square Gardens. That is major. Second of all – the set. Yeezy attendees walked in to a billowing tent of parachute fabric, which was pulled back to reveal hundreds of models, stood or sat, divided by gender. 

14. Kanye Likes To Talk
Kanye said a lot during the show, but our favourite quote of the evening? “I love you as much as Kanye loves Kanye”. If that's not enough, you can read more of Kanye's best quotes here. 

15. Michael Jordan
But he wouldn’t stand for anyone dissing Michael Jordan. ‘Ye had a pretty public spat with the Nike ambassador, but wouldn’t stand for the crowd booing Jordan: “no, no, respect Jordan, I wouldn’t be there without Jordan”.

16. Olivier Rousteing
It’s pretty unusual for a designer to be at another designer’s show, but Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing was FROW with his close Kardashian friends, who were wearing the designs he co-created with Kanye. 

17. Kylie Jenner Was Front Row
Kylie Jenner has walked in the past two Yeezy seasons, but had no place in Kanye’s line up of models of colour. She sat front row with her sisters instead.


18. Naomi Campbell
It’s not often a supermodel makes a surprise appearance for a less-than-established designer, but Naomi stopped off at Yeezy Season 3 (and looked fierce).

19. The Fur
We love Naomi, but fur? Not cool. It’s a shame all of the Kardashian clan, including North, and many of the models, were decked out in real fur.

20. Kanye’s Outfit
Can we talk about Kanye’s look, too? It might not have been Yeezy Season 3, but Kanye rocked a white t-shirt printed with the faces of his late mum and Kim’s dad, Robert Kardashian.

21. The Video Game
Yeah, there’s that too… Kanye debuted a game he’s been working on, where you guide his late mother through the gates of heaven. Unsurprisingly Silicon Valley weren’t that interested in taking on the lo-fi video game. 

22. Young Thug
One person who didn’t love the show? Young Thug, who looked like he was dropping off to sleep halfway through. Thug, don’t you know you’re witnessing the greatest living rock star of all time?!

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23. Those Boots
Bye bye Boost, hello perspex and pointed. Kanye’s new season Yeezy boots are much more Kardashian.


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