Would you wear a face-kini?

CR Fashion Book/Alexandra Utzmann

When it comes to protecting our faces from the sun's harmful UV rays, no SPF is high enough.

But while we might settle for a generous helping of factor 50 for a day at the beach – and top up regularly – sun fearing folk in China's eastern city of Qingdao have taken skincare to a whole other level by their hiding their faces completely from the sun with a balaclava-like covering.

Although it might look strange, and actually quite frightening, the face-kini (as it has become known) looks to be making a splash across the world, and has already found its way into its first high fashion shoot.

A woman wearing a face kni

Ever the trendsetter, Carine Roitfeld has featured a bight blue face-kini in the upcoming issue of her magazine CR Fashion Book.

So, will you be wearing the face-kini on the beach? We think we might stick to a wide brimmed hat, and our SPF...

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By Olivia Marks