Blue customised Birkin bag

Cinderella holding a brolly and a tea cup in the rain? Makes perfect sense...

Shelby and Sandy/Instagram

Owning an iconic Hermes Birkin bag will stay in dream-territory for a lot of us, so it comes as a shocker that some designer-toters are paying for their luxury arm-candy to be painted, drawn and stickered on. Would you dare to do the same? 

To be fair, the outcome can look seriously cool. Artists and brothers Shelby and Sandy we're approached to customised a bright blue version of the classic bag and, they had to admit, it was a pretty daunting task. 'It was definitely our most expensive canvas yet'. Yep, you'd need to have a pretty steady hand to approach that with paint on a brush... 

Kim Kardashian was famously given an oversized Birkin bag for Christmas from her now husband, Kanye West. What made it different was the fact that it was hand-painted by the American artist George Condo.

Needless to say that after a couple of days of wear, we never saw the, ahem, hard to style-in bag again. Considering a Hermes bag of that size could be anywhere up to tens of thousands of pounds to acquire, you really have to love your add-on artwork for it to make financial sense. 

Now to the woman who started it all, actress Jane Birkin herself. To have one of the world's most coveted bags named after you is no mean feat, but the actress has toted her original bag for years and years. 

Adorned lovingly with stickered momentos, this battered bag has clearly seen it all, and it's almost quite romantic of her to have those memories on display for all to see. 

What do you make of the style set customising their Birkins; is it a form of self expression or a travesty against all things fashion? Let us know by tweeting us @InStyleUK using the hashtag #BirkinDebate. 

By Maxine Eggenberger

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