Would You Ever Get Married In A Veil Cam?

Would You Ever Get Married In A Veil Cam?

For a 'brides-eye' view of your wedding day...

'Here comes the bride... with a camera on her head.' 

If you’ve got married you’ll know there is no moment quite like walking up the aisle on your wedding day. Looking at the grinning / tearful faces of your friends and family craning from the pews is basically as 'Kodak moment' as it gets. 

Did you ever wish you could have captured it all on camera from your point-of-view, rather than the photographer tucked away at the sides?

Well guess what tech-lovers, somebody’s come up with a way you can do just that! 

Step aside Apple Watch and Google Glass, a new (and totally absurd) offshoot of the wearable tech trend has landed: the veil cam. 

It's the brainchild of Sony and Royal milliner Rosie Olivia, who worked together to create a veil with a built in Sony 4K Action Cam, so you can capture a GoPro style video of you walking into the church. 

We would think this was all an elaborate April Fools' Day hoax if it wasn’t June. The veil cam has already been road tested at a ceremony in London, presumably by a bride who didn’t mind accessorizing her hair-do with a large white camera strapped to the side of her head. Because it's not very subtle....


We must admit when we heard about this we were expecting something elegant and buttonhole-sized, which might feasibly tuck neatly inside the top of the veil so it was virtually invisible. Clearly we’ve been watching way too many sci-fi movies. 

The reality is a cleary a little clunkier than that - though if you’ve got an adventurous hairdresser perhaps they could fashion some sort of braid to disguise it. Or you could always go for a Lily Allen-style vintage shape and tuck it into one of the side-frills? 

Would any of you brides-to-be ever be tempted to give the veil cam a go? If you ask us the technology isn’t quite sophisticated enough yet. We'll talk in ten years time when we can record our whole ceremony using something the size of a curby grip. Until then we think we’ll leave this one to the tech diehards... 

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