Woman Told To 'Get A Better Sports Bra' Shuts Shamer The F*** Down

Woman Told To 'Get A Better Sports Bra' Shuts Shamer The F*** Down


We know. Another day, ANOTHER body shaming story. Honestly. It's never ending.

We don't mean to use expletives but really, enough is enough with this shaming shizz.

So, the lovely lady pictured is Michelle Kirk from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who happened to be out on a leisurely jog recently. You know how it is fellow running people. You’re out reclaiming the great outdoors, the endorphins are kicking in, and it’s basically a great time to be alive. Then someone (a man, quelle surprise) feels the need to stick an unwanted oar in.

This is exactly what happened to our Michelle. Here she was, jogging along, minding her own business and some random guy decides to stop her and tell her (be prepared for this) that she needed ‘to get a better sports bra because [her] boobs are sagging.’

Uh. Excuse me, what?


We know. It actually beggars belief.

It’s staggering that someone, male or female, feels the need to intrude upon a complete stranger’s day to impart what they believe is advice – especially when the ‘advice’ is so utterly unwarranted and spiteful.

Well, surprise surprise you mean-spirited little man. You’ve gone viral, and the internet is very, very cross with you. Why? Because Michelle wasn’t going to let this s*** slide.


Now THAT is a shut down.

Michelle, no joke, team InStyle are literally applauding you right now. It's absolutely shocking how this kind of body shaming is allowed to continue in our society, and we need more heroes like Michelle to call BS on it.

What's worrying is that people still feel the need to offer up opinions that are both negative and cruel - many of which probably stem from a insecurity buried within themselves. Still, it doesn't make it in any way acceptable. What's so inspiring about Michelle's shut down is that she ends her Facebook post on a positive note.

'I will NEVER stop doing what I love and I love myself way to much to have your hate bring me down!'

Biggest *fist pump* ever.

Has this kind of ridiculousness ever happened to you? How did you respond? Let us know... 

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