Holes In Tights? Lost Gloves? 21 Problems With The British Winter

Holes In Tights? Lost Gloves? 21 Problems With The British Winter

We seemed to avoid winter until a few weeks ago when BANG, it hit…

The British winter is notoriously hard - not compared to, you know, places that are actually cold like Canada and Iceland but compared to the British summer, which is at least 15 degrees warmer!

Since it set in approximately three weeks ago, we’ve had to dig those coats and gloves out, and deal with these massive life issues…

1.    The majority of your morning is spent finding a pair of tights that doesn’t have holes in.  (Then it does have holes in.)

2.    It’s the HARDEST THING to get out of bed in the morning, let alone to conjure up some socially acceptable outfit.*

3.    Then you get shushed at from anyone in the house who doesn’t have to be up as early as you (and you’re not even remotely sympathetic so continue to Nutribullet any fruit and vegetables in sight).*

4.    You’re given no choice but to wear a hat, but then you get a kink half way down your hair. #Mare.

5.    Heating bills go through the ROOF – and in direct correlation, your skin quality plummits.

6.    You walk past lots of lone gloves, feeling sorry for their owners, then realise you’ve lost one of yours.

7.    Having a bath ‘just to warm you up’ isn’t a cute memory from your childhood but a genuine life hack.

8.    You consider whether a balaclava would be an acceptable new addition to your accessory wardrobe.

9.    Your skin will get dry in about 15 minutes, but stay dry for about 15 years.

10. Bare feet are an absolute no-no around the house and you need at least at least three pairs of slippers so you’re not suddenly left without.

11. The towel has to be no more than half a metre from the bath or shower when you get out. Any further and you get Anna-from-Frozen-ed.

12. Your ankles get cold when you’re wearing trousers so you start pulling your socks up to leave no leg window.

13. You have to wear a scarf pretty much 24/7 – at home, in the office, in bed.

14. Shoe limitations are endless, and you always have to carry an extra pair around as the freezing cold rules out pretty much everything – including shoes (without socks), heels, mules and anything that aren’t a hefty boot.

15. Not being able to use an phone outside – either due to gloved hands, or sans gloves and frozen stiff.

16. It’s totally freezing outside and boiling when you get on any form of public transport (which you have no choice but to do, it being so freezing and all).

17. You leave for work in the dark and get back in the dark – every day for approximately six months. (We’re basically in Iceland!)

18. You don’t open your curtains between Sunday night and Saturday morning. Or, your partner opens them in the mornings as it’s light when they get up – so you have to continually shut them. #NeggyVibes

19. You have to choose whether to move away from (and risk offending) the poor person who’s clearly suffering from some contagious cold on public transport, or stick it out.

20. Shout out to all the asthmatics – choosing between freezing or wheezing (as the central heating flares it up). Ahh, the glamorous life of inhaler-users.

21. You spend 96% of your life putting on lip balm and your lips are STILL DRY.

22. You partake in about one conversation a week about how it never snows, but any sign of snow on your Apple Weather app and you are PISSED.

Don't worry though guys, it'll only last for approximately another week...

(* These may just be problems, not winter-specific.)

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