WATCH: Will.I.Am Used To Prank Call WHO?

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Will.I.Am meets our resident vlogger, Joshington Hosts AKA Josh Newis-Smith, to talk about his unique sense of style and prank calling Justin Timberlake (as you do)…

Will.I.Am is the master of many trades. First there were the absolute bangers he created with the Black Eyed Peas, then came the banger with Britney along with a job on a revolving chair and now he’s an inventor, with his ‘dial’ (a watch come phone come all round gadget). But don’t ask him to rap and lay down a beat at the same time, the man is only human.

Given that the ‘dial’ is perfect for making handy calls, we wanted to know whether Will used the watch to make any prank calls- I mean, it’s exactly what we would do! His victim of choice? ‘I used to prank call Justin Timberlake all the time… it’s actually how I got my first voiceover job for a hippo on Madagascar 2.’ WHO KNEW that prank calls could be so fruitful guys!

If that isn’t enough for you, the all round powerhouse goes all French QVC on us when Josh challenges him to sell the ‘dial’ to us in 15 seconds. The results are lolz to say the least and really raise the chic level in this video. A French accent always does that. However Will.I.Am didn’t need 15 seconds to sum up his style, ‘my style is my style and if you copy it you aren’t original.’ We are all clicking our fingers in a circular motion as we read this, amen Will!


It also turns out that our resident vlogger, Joshington Hosts, can even teach Will.I.Am, the man who’s launched a thousand catchphrases, a new word or two. We will be expected to hear SWI-SH (it’s highly imperative its split into two words, don’t you know) on The Voice this Saturday. Even if Will thinks that Kanye West may have already laid claim to owning the word on twitter.

Make sure you watch the video above, it’s definitely worth hitting your buzzer for and just make sure you check back next week for the next Joshington Hosts.

Will.I.Am's 'Dial' is available exlusively on Three UK

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