Will You Be Buying The Apple Watch?

Will You Be Buying The Apple Watch?

Sure, you can use it as a phone. But does it look any good?

So, the Apple Watch is finally here. Well, almost here: it doesn't actually hit stores until 2015, but it has at last been unveiled to the public at a much-hyped launch yesterday.

But before we figure out if this a gadget that will actually improve our lives, there's a more pressing matter: does it look any good on?

When Apple brought former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts on board, it's clear that they were taking the watch's fashion credibility seriously. After all, there is no point being pioneers of wearable tech if no-one wants to be seen, er, wearing your tech.

And so has the brand succeeded in making their latest innovation a fashion must-have? So far, it looks like a thumbs up from the fashion industry.

With three different collections to choose from - Apple Watch, Sport and Apple Watch Edition - it's clear that the brand is endeavouring to cater to different tastes. There are also two different sizes: the dinky 38mm and slightly bigger 42mm. Then there's the materials to choose from – stainless steel for the Sport, grey or silver anodised aluminium for the Apple Watch and then finally, for the luxury Watch Edition, rose or yellow 18 carat gold.

And if that wasn't choice enough, there are numerous different interchangeable straps, and at least 11 different faces. You could spend (waste) all day pimping the tiny computer on your wrist if you so wished.

Even though they look good – and we can finally fulfil a lifelong ambition of becoming the girl from Inspector gadget – is the Apple Watch something we need in our lives?

Of course, this is more than a mere timepiece – if it wasn't, it would be a ridiculous invention, seeing as barely anyone below the age of 30 wears a watch at all. So other than telling you the time (very accurately), the watch can also act in the same way as your iPhone. It will vibrate when someone calls (provided they too have the watch), meaning you'll never miss a call again, and you can use it as a phone (although you might want to link it up to your actual phone, for the sake of being a good citizen).

It also boasts a super sophisticated sports function, which will allow the exercise fanatics among us to track and analyse things like heart rate and blood pressure. So if that's what you're looking for in a watch, then this could be for you...

By Olivia Marks

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