Why Finding The Perfect Jeans Just Became A Whole Lot Easier

Why Finding The Perfect Jeans Just Became A Whole Lot Easier

Levi’s new tailoring service has just changed jeans shopping for ever

From today, you can take any pair of Levi’s – that might be a pair you’ve bought today, or some you’ve had for ten years, or just picked up in a vintage store – and have them customised by Levi’s new tailoring service in its Regent Street store. We got a sneak preview yesterday and learnt a whole lot about what you can do with denim while we were there.

1. The best way to get this season’s ripped and frayed look is by using sandpaper. Put something sturdy inside the leg (like a tin can or rolling pin) and then just rub it over the denim. You’ll achieve a great finish REALLY quickly, and there’s no need for scissors or cheese graters. For subtle wear and tear, just rub the sandpaper over pockets and seams.


Levi's tailor Scott sandpapering for a distressed finish



2. Ever not bought a pair of jeans just because they’re too long? Or suffered from too many turn-ups? Levi’s will alter leg lengths for free, even if you haven’t just bought your jeans, so long as they are Levi’s. This makes vintage jeans shopping MUCH more exciting.


Scott chops off the sleeves of our Levi's jacket



3. If you fancy tapping into next season’s varsity trend, pop in store to add some American college-style lettering to a jacket. There are plenty of other patch designs available too, as well as embroidery.


Levi's jacket



4. We all know finding the perfect pair of jeans is tough – which makes the tailoring service an absolute dream. You could take a pair of classic 501s and taper the ankle for a more up-to-date shape, or make the ultimate skinny jeans tailored to the shape of your own legs. Whatever takes your fancy.


Levi's jeans



5. It’s a nightmare when your favourite jeans finally wear through (especially if it’s on the bum!), but if they are Levi’s you can have them repaired by master tailor Scott. Opt either for an invisible mend, or try a contrasting cotton to make a feature of the repair. You can even bring in your own fabric to create patches.

authentic cotton colours at the Levi's store


By Hannah Rochell

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