Why Everyone Wants A Delvaux Bag On Their Arm

Why Everyone Wants A Delvaux Bag On Their Arm
Marc Lagrange

Ever since it made it's debut in 1829 this luxury leather goods brand has been loved by celebrities including Sienna Miller and Olivia Palermo, not to mention royalty like Princess Mathilde. Known for its chic, understated creations any style from this Belgian luxury label really is the epitome of an investment buy. Having recently launched its first independent store on London's New Bond street we spoke to Delvaux's Product and Image Director Christina Zeller to talk brand DNA, craftmanship and handbag essentials...


Delvaux has such a rich history. When you first came on board in 2011 how did you manage to reinvent it without losing its DNA?

"I stuck to the original shapes, fine-tuning only some small details which are almost invisible, but make a big difference. Such as thicker metal pieces, changing some proportions by few millimeters to make them much more contemporary and creating different variations in unconventional colors, different treatments of the leather or materials. We always keep in mind a timeless elegance."
What does luxury mean to you?

"It's about attitude and freedom. A self confidence which allows you to be your self and embrace everything."
Tell us about the craftsmanship that goes into each bag?

"Each Delvaux bag is a master piece. The Brillant is made up of 62 pieces. More than 9 hours are needed to produce it, it is built like a piece of architecture. The very recognizable shapes as well as the bag lining are Delvaux trademarks. We never make any compromises when it comes to quality. We are known for being perfectionists about all aspects, starting with the leather selection."



Do you remember the first time you saw someone carrying one of the Delvaux designs?

"I was mesmerized by a very sophisticated and elegant women carrying a sculptural bag that seemed timeless about five years ago in Milan. The shape was perfect and I thought it was great that the brand name of the bag, which clearly was handcrafted and of exceptional quality, was not visible. It was such subtle elegance and luxury, it gave the lady such a mysterious air."
Sum up the Delvaux buyer?

"She is a free spirit who makes her own choice and doesn’t follow trends but her own instinct."


You previously worked with Karl Lagerfeld. What's the greatest lesson you learned from him?

"Endless curiosity and the pleasure to always be surprised."
You've created a limited edition of The Brilliant for the London store. Tell us about this. What makes it special?

"Delvaux it s about tradition and innovation. For this exclusive bag we have used the "inject " technique. In order to create such a perfect "degrade," each piece of leather is printed individually. The bag is both, a solid and a bicolor bag, with a surealist effect."
What three things do you always carry in your bag?

"Lipstick, a credit card and of course my phone."

How does the Delvaux London woman style it compared to the Paris Delvaux woman?

"There is not such thing as a Delvaux London, Paris or New York woman.They are all share the same values and the same desire for unconventional elegance."

If you could be a Delvaux bag, which would you be and why?

"The Brillant for it's timeless and simple elegance and the With Me for it s lanky attitude."

The Delvaux store is open now at 36 New Bond Street, London W1

By: Chloe Mac Donnell / @tweetchloe

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