6 Less Obvious Reasons Why Your Phone Battery Keeps Dying

6 Less Obvious Reasons Why Your Phone Battery Keeps Dying

Phone down to 10% again? Here are some hidden reasons why it keeps dying

Remember back in simpler times when we could use our battered Nokias for three days straight without charging them? These days we're lucky if our smartphone is still going by 7pm. By now we all know the more obvious ways to keep it going for longer - dimming the screen, putting it on airplane mode, just putting the damn thing down - but here are a few you might not have considered. 

1) You've Got A Facebook App

Facebook is a major phone power drainer - far worse than Twitter and Instagram. Even if you're not a prolific Facebook user, the app can still chew through your battery life like a hungry Pac-man thanks to its 'background activity' which keeps refreshing even while you're asleep. One Facebook user complained on Twitter that spending just 20 minutes on the app in a single day had accounted for 42% of his battery usage. 

2) You're Unwittingly Using Something Called 'Parallax Effect' 

Nope - us neither. This is apparently what makes the apps on an iPhone look like they're floating above the wallpaper when you move it. Looks nice, but will also help to drain your battery. You can turn this off by going into Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion. 

3) You're Automatically Synching To The Cloud 

We won't lie, we're still a little scared of The Cloud. When Jennifer Lawrence and a host of other celebrities had their private pictures stolen and published online, many of them were deleted photos which had been stored in the cloud thanks to automatic updates. While we're pretty sure no hackers will be interested in the 75th picture we took of our friend's kitten, all that automatic synching can be a gradual battery drain. You can easily stop this by going into your app settings and turning your synching from automatic to manual. 

4) Your Wallpaper Isn't Dark Enough

If your phone has an OLED screen (like a Samsung Galaxy) then the choice of a brightly-coloured wallpaper can gradually leech your battery. This is because (here comes the science part) OLED screens light each pixel automatically. So best swap that shot from your friend's Mardi Gras-themed party to a nice dark sky…

5) You're Using Free Apps With Ads 

Apps powered by ads use 33% more energy than those without. It's all those whizzy pop-ups. 

6) You're Charging It To 100%

While it's easiest to leave your phone plugged in on your bedside table overnight, charging your phone to 100% every time can (annoyingly) make it less effective. To get lasting battery power, tech experts recommend keeping it charged between 40 and 80 per cent throughout the day - which would mean bringing your charger to work and topping your phone up in little bursts. Though if we're honest that sounds like a bit of a faff.

BUT - If you thought you were being clever shutting down any apps you had open, you're not! We know, shocker — Apple chief executive Tim Cook said laboriously closing them all down actually didnt save battery. Quite the opposite, opening them up again will use more! Well, thanks Tim — live and learn.

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