Who's the next Gisele?

Who's the next Gisele?

Elite Models launches the hunt for the next big supermodel

What do Gisele Bundchen and Diane Kruger have in common? Oh, okay: what do they have in common besides long swishy hair, big green eyes and legs that go alllllllllll the way up?

They all, along with supers Cindy Crawford, Karen Mulder and Linda Evangelista, launched their stellar careers as contestants in the prestigious Elite Model Look competition, run by Elite Models - who also represent former InStyle cover-girl Helena Christensen.

The comp began in 1983 and last year - its 25th anniversary - saw 350,000 entries. The annual model-a-thon usually takes place in France, but this year the Elite beauty-seeking squad will be touring the UK in search of the next world-conquering supermodel.

But don't leave that catwalk career to a chance spot: online applications are being accepted now and, if successful, you'll be invited to castings in June and July throughout the UK where finalists will be chosen.

If you constantly find yourself singing a chorus of "I Wanna Be a Supermodel" or making statements, "sans" irony, such as, "I have a signature walk that will make me famous", sashay over to Model Elite Look to enter.

By Harriet Reuter Hapgood

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