Where's Wally? He's In Gucci's New Collection, And We Love It

Where's Wally? He's In Gucci's New Collection, And We Love It

From Edwardian-style frilly collars to striped woolly bobble hats, Gucci's a/w2015 collection had it all. Fashion features editor Hannah Rochell tells us about her 5 favourite moments from the show...

1. The new designer

It's always exciting heading to a well-known brand that has a new designer at the helm. Will they stay true to the brand or take it in a completely different direction? In the case of Gucci's new creative director Alessandro Michele, it was a bit of both, but mostly the latter. The collection felt like a celebration of all sorts of eras, from Tudor to the Sixties, meaning that cleverly, there was a bit of something for everyone.

2. The new Gucci loafer

What can you do with such a classic shoe to bring it up-to-date, you might ask? Cover it in hair, appears to be the answer. Those Chewbacca-style loafers were the talk of the town after the show had finished. Possibly not the most practical footwear in the world, but definitely a talking point.

3. The geek chic

Loved loved LOVED that many of the looks were teamed with bobble hats or berets and spectacles. This was totally unexpected from Gucci and gave the whole collection a cool fun edge.

4. The androgyny

We nearly missed the first male model that stomped down the catwalk: with flowers in his long blonde hair, he could almost have passed as one of the girls. As well as the spattering of men in floral brocade suits, the slouchy, baggy trousers on the girls were distinctly masculine. It all felt very dandy; very 1960s Mick Jagger. And there ain't nothing wrong with that.

5. Salma Hayek

She embraced the brand's new direction, arriving at the show in a turquoise beret and plum coloured trousers, as seen on the catwalk. Salma, you're so now.

Check out our exclusive video of Gucci's a/w2015 show below...

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