What William Tempest did next…

What William Tempest did next…

British designer William Tempest reveals his new fashion collaboration to InStyle…

InStyle sat down with British designer William Tempest to talk about his new collaboration with W Hotel London and the luxury pyjamas he's designed for the fashionable crowd that stay in the Leicester Square-based suites.

How did this collaboration come about and why did you decide on pyjamas?

It was quite crazy because I've always wanted to do a project with W and so I got in touch and we both really wanted to work together and we both kind of had the same idea that it would be really cool to do a pair of pyjamas. It just sits so well with the idea of the hotel and it was just a really fun project to do together.

Did the recent pyjama fashion craze play a part at all?

Definitely. It sort of started a year ago didn't it? Rihanna was wearing some pyjamas at a premiere. I think that whole kind of relaxed silhouette is really nice to wear. It's really nice when people are effortless and just relaxed and easy when they go out and not too done up. I would love it if someone would wear these pyjamas that way.

Who would be your ideal celeb to wear them?

Rihanna would be good - she would definitely wear pyjamas. I really like Kristen Stewart, she would be quite cool in them. I think she's not frightened to do what she wants and it shows she's confident and doesn't really care, that it makes her stand out.


What is it about British women's style that you admire - what do you think they've got to add to the table internationally?

With fashion in London and the UK… people are much more creative - it's much more about fashion than style like it might be in Paris, so I think that whole fearless attitude is what draws attention to London's fashion scene which is really good. You know it's great for me as a British designer to have the whole sort of British thing behind me - almost like a branding tool.

Tell us more about the pyjamas…

They're reversible so the idea is that it's a take on the ethos of the hotel which is buttoned up by day and lets loose by night. So one side is more sophisticated - it's like a silvery, satin fabric which is better for guys to wear, but then if you turn them inside out it's like a crazy stripe print which is my take on a traditional British pyjama - and it's more sort of for the girls to wear.


How important is it to you that everything has been made in the UK, was that a very conscious decision?

Definitely - I really wanted to make everything in the UK and I support fashion manufacturing in the UK so it’s great to have been working with contacts over here because I make a lot of my own stuff here anyway. We wanted the pyjamas to be made entirely in the UK so all the fabrics were printed here and they were made in Hackney. The buttons have best of British on them so it's very much like a British project - everyone's kind of focusing on best of British at the minute.

How would you describe your own style?

It's not typically London - my style is glamorous but also you know quite effortless as well. I'd say it's glamorous but it's not glitzy. It's very sort of red carpet, but stripped back.

William Tempest's limited edition pyjama set is available to guests in the W London's E WOW and WOW Suites and in W The Store from 1st June. For more information go to http://www.wlondon.co.uk

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