What Does Your Band T-Shirt Say About You?

What Does Your Band T-Shirt Say About You?

As Kylie Jenner, Fearne Cotton and even Tulisa are snapped in another one their collection, we look at what band tees say about the wearer…

They might be the perfect festival attire, but this particular member of the InStyle team has a simple rule about band T-shirts: if you can't name more than one song by the band in question, take the T-shirt off! And while we don't doubt that Olivia Wilde lists When The Levee Breaks as one of her favourite songs of all time (even if a white caped suit isn't the obvious outfit to listen to it in) there are other T-shirt/wearer combinations that make us a little suspicious.

So before you throw on your Guns N' Roses T-shirt and are then caught out saying "Axl who?" to that hot guy you're chatting to at Reading Festival, read on.

Rolling Stones lips logo

Originally taken from the Stones' 1971 album Sticky Fingers, this is the T-shirt we are likely to get most offended by. Not in its original form as you see here - that's always a winner, particularly when teamed with denim cut offs and Converse - but when it's been covered in crystals and is for sale in a tourist shop just off Oxford Street. That just makes us mad! Say no to sparkly band tees, folks! Fearne Cotton, on the other hand, is nailing maternity chic in hers.

Nirvana Smiley Face

If you were there for the birth of grunge in the Nineties or are only 14 and happen to be the coolest kid in your school, this is totally fine. Everyone else - steer clear! We just don't believe you've actually ever listened to anything other than Smells Like Teen Spirit (and even then it was by accident at a random indie club in 2007) let alone made it all the way through an album.
£19.99, truffleshuffle.co.uk


With a logo this iconic, you can't go wrong. Expect its wearer to have teamed it with other fool proof classics like adidas Superstar trainers, and to also be the coolest person in the room.
£24.99, truffleshuffle.co.uk


The Ramones

Designed by New York artist Arturo Vega in the Seventies, this may well be the most classic band tee of all time, but if the wearer is anyone other than a guy in his fifties (yes, we're talking to you Tulisa), we're very suspicious. In fact, we reckon you're not even aware that The Ramones are even a band at all.

I Don't Want No Scrubs

Even if you're not a fan of TLC, here's a T-shirt that shows that the wearer has a sense of humour. Lyrics are a brilliant way of being less obvious with your band tee choices - see also 'I'm A Lover Not A Fighter' (Michael Jackson) and 'Zig-A-Zig-Ah' (like we need to tell you the song).
£19.99, truffleshuffle.co.uk

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