11 Reasons Why Heels Are WAY Hotter Than Flats

11 Reasons Why Heels Are WAY Hotter Than Flats
Image: courtesy of Donna Ida

Heels? Always (even on slippers). Acting Beauty Editor, Lisa Haynes puts her case forward for boycotting the flats

My number one requirement when handbag shopping? ‘Um, will my heels fit in this?’ Because on the rare occasion I’m not wearing them I always carry around a pair of emergency epic heels, you know, just in case.

Heeled mules are my current squeeze but I’m down for sandals, boots, pumps, courts, whatever – as long as they hit my minimum three-inch rule. Anything lower is just a waste.

Flats? Sure. In the gym. Blame Carrie Bradshaw (my Manolo-clad shoe heroine) but I think even slippers look better with a micro-heel.

Sorry Mr Chiropodist, but my soles are just way happier when elevated. Here’s why I say heels totally rule the shoe cupboard.

11 reasons heels are good for your soul

1. They make you look put-together in 20 seconds flat (even if you’re so not). My antidote to a didn’t-have-time-to-iron tee.

2. Tighter buns, without the 30-Day Squat Challenge? High heels somehow give you the gift of a more lifted bum like J-Lo. Win.

3. Sophia Webster shoe porn, aka one of life’s greatest pleasures (see below).

4. You’re at a major height advantage to spot the canapé tray/hot guy/free wine first at a party.

5. Heels = instant outfit transformer. Feeling frumpy in your wide-leg culottes? Just add sassy heels for instant leginess to rival Kendall Jenner (kinda).

6. Puddle stilts. Yep, get a bootie that’s high enough and your feet stay drier than they would in a pair of Hunter wellies. N.B. not scientifically tested.

7. Dior's SS16 patent pumps. Exactly 10cm of pure cylindrical heel heaven *swoon*

8. Your ultimate wardrobe hack for nailing interviews because a) you feel incred, and b) you’re showing your future boss that you have strength, resilience and can handle the burn, unlike those flat-wearing wimps.

9. Forgotten your dress/clutch/lipstick for a big night? Nobody will suspect a thing if you’re wearing a pretty major pair of heels.

10. You’re automatically armed with an actual weapon if your Tinder date goes really, really wrong...

11. Want toned calf muscles? Just add uber-heels and you’ll instantly look like a spin class regular (which I'm not because, well, I'm probably shoe shopping).

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