We Love Louis

We Love Louis
Louis Vuitton

Three new monogram Louis Vuitton scarves have been created to celebrate 20 years of the iconic accessory.

As the British summertime weather seems to be over before it has even begun, we at Instyle.co.uk are already beginning to look towards updating our autumn wardrobes. And once again it is the Louis Vuitton scarf that we are all lusting over.

Earlier in the year the luxury brand created a fashion frenzy over their Stephen Sprouse graffiti-inspired and leopard-print designs, as seen on Sienna Miller and Madonna, but now it's the return of the LV monogram which has us so excited.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the label's emblematic scarf, Louis Vuitton has created three reworked versions of the iconic accessory, which illustrate the trends through which it's travelled.

The three new style scarves are called Rock (wool and laminated silk), a tribute to the Vinyl years; Minimalist (beige silk and wool, black velvet polka dots), referencing the Japanese wave; and Grunge (wool and crushed silk, studs) crumpled to reflect this alternative era. They can be worn as a shawl in the summer months or as a winter warmer later on in the year. A cross-season must-have, there is no doubt that these accessories are set to become a celeb must-have.

The scarves cost £440 each. For stockist information call 020 7399 4050 or visit www.louisvuitton.com.


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