We Can FINALLY Live Out Our Barbie Fashion Dreams And It's All Thanks To Moschino

We Can FINALLY Live Out Our Barbie Fashion Dreams And It's All Thanks To Moschino

Moschino has just made Barbie's iconic (and needless to say very pink) wardrobe human-sized and we literally couldn't be more excited

You can always count on Moschino to produce one of the most flamboyant and undeniably fun collections in the entirety of fashion month, evoking a smile on even the most stern of fashion editors and buyers. Since Jeremy Scott took over as the brand's creative director last season, he has upped the tongue and cheek factor the brand was previously known for ten-fold. 

We don't need to tell you that it was he who was responsible for Moschino's fast food chain, ahem, inspired collection last season, which was to become one of the most iconic line's of AW14. 

However, we reckon he might have out-done even his last-season self after seeing Moschino's S/S15. Ladies, we're in for a treat... 

We don't know about you but all of our childhood fashion dreams have just been answered by Moschino who was not-so-subtly influenced by the most famous - not to mention fashionable - toys in the world; Barbie. 

We practically squealed with excitement when the models began to strut their stuff down the catwalk baring a striking resemblance to everyones favourite doll. 

Clad in pink and with hair so big, the hairdressers backstage may have accidentally put Elnett out of business for the rest of the month, the models displayed an array of outfits that reflect and channel Barbie's various interests and styles.

Among the ranks were roller Barbie, disco Barbie, Malibu Barbie, evening gown Barbie and, of course, top-to-toe pink leather Barbie. Obvs... 

If you thought a FROW including Anna Dello Russo, Coco Rocha and Leigh Lezark was starry enough, think again. Present at the show was the collection's muse herself, who has been touring New York, London and Milan fashion weeks respectively, sharing her glam life via her very own Instagram account, @BarbieStyle

Yep, this teeny style icon found herself in a better seat than some of the world's top bloggers, stylists and journos alike. Nice work, Babs. 

Whether you love or loathe the clothes, that's totally your call, but no-one can deny that Jeremy Scott's second collection for Moschino packs major smile-factor. 

Excuse us while we call our mum's to see if they can dig out our old Barbie's from the loft... 

By Maxine Eggenberger

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