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Costume designer Catherine Martin explains how the flapper fabulous Prada fashion came together for The Great Gatsby…

When it came to collaborating on the wardrobe for The Great Gatsby, as far as director Baz Luhrmann and his wife, and the movie's costume designer, Catherine Martin, were concerned, there was only one woman for the job.


Miuccia Prada has a long history of working with Baz, as Catherine explains: "The idea for the collaboration with Miuccia Prada really came from a friendship that her and Baz have had over the past 15 years. This relationship dates from Romeo and Juliet when she made a suit for Leonardo [DiCaprio]."

Miuccia has refashioned 20 of her archive designs for the sparkle-heavy party scenes in the movie. Carey Mulligan, who makes an effortlessly elegant Daisy Buchanan, wears the most extravagant versions of Prada's designs, including a crystal chandelier dress, which Catherine sums up as "the perfect mixture of old and new."

"It's absolutely the way Baz wanted to tell the story of Gatsby - it has absolutely contemporary relevance but is rooted in its historical basis. On top of that Miuccia Prada's dresses are really beautiful."


Go behind the scenes on the movie and hear more from Catherine on the Gatsby costumes in our video.

The Great Gatsby hits cinemas on 16 May 2013

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