Why Ruby Rose Would Never Make It As A University Of Washington Cheerleader

Why Ruby Rose Would Never Make It As A University Of Washington Cheerleader

University of Washington have some pretty strict rules on how to dress like a cheerleader

Another day, another ridiculous set of rules on how women are supposed to dress - please join us while we eye roll.

The University Of Washington are today’s culprits, after this advice on what you should wear to a cheerleader tryout did the rounds on Twitter. Understandably, points like do wear a ‘girl about town lipstick’ and ‘flattering eye shadow’ did not go down well.

To be honest, 2016’s #WomanCrushWednesdays wouldn’t even want to dress like this anyway. Case in point: Ruby Rose. Let’s take a look at how she’d do at tryouts…

Make-Up Do’s
Bronze, beachy glow, false lashes, girl about town lipstick and flattering eye shadow

Make-Up Don’ts
Dark, smokey eyes, nude lips, too much make-up, harsh lines/ contours/ colors

Ruby might have the glow (she is Australian), but Ruby’s look is way less prim and I honestly don’t think she gives a hoot about finding a flattering eyeshadow shade. The actress did collaborate on a bold make-up line with Urban Decay, so she’s smashes the ‘no colours’ rule, too. Dark, smokey eyes? She’s definitely all over that too.  

Body Do’s
Physically fit, athletic physiqye, nude or no fingernail polish, natural tan/ spray tan

Body Don’ts
Jewellery of any kind, visible tattoos, distracting fingernail polish

Who knew your nails dictated how good you were at your job?! Ruby checks the athletic physique box thanks to her physical movie roles, those visible tattoos might complicate things. Those piercings won’t do her any favours, either.

Hair Do’s
Hair down, curled or straight, volume, partially off face

​Hair Don’ts
Ponytails, slicked back, trendy colours
Oh, so Ruby’s slicked back green hair won’t do? It’s definitely partially off her face (read: shaved), and it’s straight! Unfortunately green hair is definitely a trendy colour.

If all this has got you daydreaming about Ruby, here’s why Ruby Rose’s Instagram is total social media #goals

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