VIDEO: What's In The Box? And Other Things That Happened At The InStyle Offices This Week

Intro Deck: 

InStyle's editor Charlotte Moore tells us what she's been up to this week, and opens a box of random stuff that has arrived in our offices. Well, why on earth not?!

This week at InStyle…

1. We sadly said goodbye to Libby Page, our wonderful fashion assistant who is leaving to work at Netaporter. It's always great when someone who has interned with our team gets an amazing job. 

2. We were served delicious rhubarb cocktails and wine spritzers, as well as some delicious meat and cheese - IN THE OFFICE! - courtesy of new Covent Garden bar Mabel – we'll be heading there sometime very soon. You can read more about them here.

3. I was lucky enough to be taken on a guided tour of the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibtion by its curator Claire Wilcox, before being treated to an utterly glamourous Swarovski dinner at the V&A. Discovering the intricacy and background to Mcqueen's work was fascinating and gave me a much deeper understanding the art of fashion. 

4. I sat next to three wonderfully interesting women (also at the Swarovski dinner - such a great night!) who also happen to be designers: Barbara Casasola, Emma J Shipley and Hannah Martin. What a pleasure.  

5. I talked A LOT about how we should be doing more video online...hence our little experiment. We hope you like it! 

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