VIDEO: See How Chanel's Amazing Salzburg Collection Was Made

VIDEO: See How Chanel's Amazing Salzburg Collection Was Made

Go behind the scenes to see how Chanel's latest Metiers d'Art Paris-Salzburg collection was made

If you're anything like us then you love getting behind the scenes at amazing fashion shows. This time we can thank Chanel for letting us in on all the backstage action. Showing the amazing craftsmanship that went into creating their Austrian inspired Metiers D'Art Paris-Salzburg show last week, Chanel's awesome vid is our one to watch. It's what Mondays are made for, right?

Getting up close and personal the film shows hand-pieced leaves and water being stitched onto the precisely placed lake scene that appears on Lindsay Wixon's sheer top. Tiny traditional Edelweiss flowers have seed pearls hand stitched into the centre, whilst intricate sequin embroidered butterflies are brought to life with actual feathers in place of wings to form Charlotte Free's botanical blouse.

The collection is truly Spring personified. Three-dimentional fabric pieces take the place of predictable prints as Spring scenes are embued with texture and depth. Swathes of fabric are covered randomly but deliberately in layers of beads, flowers and feathers as if they just happened to grow there. From blossom to butterflies, everything beautiful about Austria's landscape sits luxuriously on blouses and brooches; living works of art and nature that true Romantics would be proud of. It's flora and fauna and fabulous. To put it simply? This collection is ideal for running through the Austrian meadows belting out our best rendition of 'The Hills Are Alive'.

It's truly hard to imagine the sheer about of man hours that have gone into creating such a detailed collection. Pieces that from far away appear to be fur are actually made from hundreds of pleats whilst the jacket that started it all - the one that inspired Coco Chanel in Austria all those years ago and is now paid homage to by Pharrell in Karl's latest film - is embellished with hand-stitched gold braiding. The finishing touch? A gold stag brooch that looks eerily like something out of Game Of Thrones with intertwined antlers to form Chanel's signature double C motif. Naturally.

So what does Karl himself think? 'There's an unbelievable craftsmanship in all those clothes. Most of the embroidery is a few stones and many feathers, it appears like fur, like flying fur. If you look at them close up then it's quite unbelievable when you see them and you touch them.'

By George Driver/@iamgdriver

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