Video Review: Osman SS15 @ London Fashion Week

Video Review: Osman SS15 @ London Fashion Week

Osman made patchwork look seriously chic for his bold SS15 collection, and that's no small feat...

Osman Yousefzada has had a great year, with celebrities lining up to wear his quirky designs on the red carpet (he’s recently dressed everyone from Kristen Stewart to Anna Friel and Emily Blunt) and it looks like he’s planning to carry on in the same vein if this beautiful collection for SS15 is anything to go by.

The opening looks were monochrome, beaded with tiny oval pearl frames, but we soon moved into the punchier colour palette that this designer is so loved for with lime greens and powder blues, an inky blue print, and even a couple of silver skirts (perfect with a navy sweater, we thought to ourselves from the FROW). The patchwork pieces towards the end of the show, using all the fabrics we’d already seen and more, were particularly eye catching.

If Osman is keen on an erogenous zone it’s definitely the shoulder which is great news - even if there are bits of our bodies we’d rather cover up, we’re all pretty happy with our shoulders, right? We loved how there were peek-a-boo cut outs to expose them and folded drapes to frame them. This, combined with the midi hem lengths and super cool flat peep-toe booties, made this one of our favourite shows of the week.

Check out our amazing, exclusive video of the show below and see what all the fuss was about for yourselves...

By Hannah Rochell

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