VIDEO: Kenzo's Amazing Moving Catwalk Set (And The Clothes Were Pretty Special, Too)

Intro Deck: 

How do you make Sunday morning worth getting up early for? Create an incredible set of moving blocks and and have Saint Etienne play at your catwalk show, that's how.

You see some pretty strange things in Paris on a Sunday morning (on the way to Kenzo we saw a man asleep lying backwards on a car bonnet, obvs) but Kenzo's catwalk show was strange in a totally amazing way. As we headed way out to Paris's 19th district (this involved a brief trip on the motorway - unheard of during fashion week) and arrived at the HUGE hangar, we figured we must be in for a treat, given that the venue was the size of Wembley stadium.

As the first model stepped out in front of the green and blue patterned backdrop, the last thing we expected was for the whole thing to start moving forward with her as she walked. Soon it became clear that this was in fact seven blocks that could move independently of each other, and as the show continued they moved all over the place in a sort of synchronised dance. It was totally mesmerising.

With music written exclusively for Kenzo and performed by Saint Etienne during the show, and a feast of amazing clothes to drool over too, this has to be one of our favourite Sunday mornings EVER! Watch our exclusive video (top).

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