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Fashion Director Arabella Greenhill picks her top five pieces from Boden's new festival range….

Yay, its that time of year again. Festival season is upon us, and if you're anything like me, you plan your whole year around your favourites… even your summer holiday.

Whether you are going for the music, the food, or just to hang out with friends, what you wear is key to having a good time. So no matter which festival you are going to - and whether it's just for the day, or for the whole long weekend - plan ahead.

As I always have the husband and children in tow, I don’t want to pack too much, and I don’t have time to shop around for a new wardrobe, either. This is where Boden's new festival range comes in. As well as the perfect denim shorts (a festival must-have), there are brilliant jeans, denim jackets and super-cute suede boots. It’s a one stop festival shop.

My top tips for the perfect festival wardrobe? Decide on your outfits well in advance and make sure everything has multiple uses. Check the weather. And it's all about layering - no one likes to be cold. Finally, be clever with your packing - it's very easy to take way more than you need with you.

Shop my top five pieces from Boden's festival collection….

What: Embroidered Scallop Sweatshirt, £79
Why: To keep you warm when the sun goes down, but looks good tied around your waist too when you head off into the dance tent.

What: Isla Jacket £99
Why: Khaki is a good all round neutral colour that goes with everything. And the deep pockets are perfect for keeping your essential with you at all time.

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