What Do The Victoria's Secret Angels REALLY Eat Before A Show?

What Do The Victoria's Secret Angels REALLY Eat Before A Show?

We went backstage ahead of the show in New York to find out…

Though it’s clear the forty-seven Angels who walked in Tuesday night’s Victoria’s Secret show are blessed with extraordinary genes, even the likes of Adriana, Lily and Gigi have to lay off the chips before taking part in the flashiest runway show of the year.

Ahead of this year’s Victoria’s Secret show, we caught up with a few of the Angels backstage to find out what they actually eat before they walk. 

Gigi Hadid
“Generally I love food so I eat a lot of different things, but two months before the show this year I stopped eating burgers and all that stuff. I cooked a lot of my own food so I knew exactly what was in it, like a simple arugula salad. Close to the show it’s all about eating protein that will fill you up but not make you feel bloated or tired, so this morning I had boiled eggs and fruit. Everything’s in HD now so there’s no room for error! ”

Lily Donaldson
“On the day of the show I have porridge for breakfast, then energy bars to keep me going if I start flagging!”

Stella Maxwell
“I like to eat a lot of protein. Eggs with avocado are my favourite, and oatmeal because it gives you a good level of energy.”

Yumi Lambert
“It’s about eating well rather than cutting things out. I’ll have a lot of bananas because they’re a good natural source of energy. One pancake is fine too, I’ll just be careful not too eat too much bacon or anything like that!”

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Adriana Lima
“I’m a vegetarian now so I’m having lots of vegetables with protein shakes, as well as oatmeal and tofu.”

Photo: Glen Allsop for Swarovski

Elsa Hosk
“This morning I started my day with eggs. They give you protein, good fat and stamina so you don’t feel hungry quickly.”

Photo: Glen Allsop for Swarovski

Martha Hunt
“I’ve been eating very clean - a lot of protein, good carbohydrates and no bread. I cannot wait to eat a massive pizza, which I’m going to do straight after the show tonight!”

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