Victoria Beckham Totally Wins At #TuesdayShoesday With These HOT Heels

Victoria Beckham Totally Wins At #TuesdayShoesday With These HOT Heels

Victoria Beckham has given us major shoe envy with her latest pair of sexy high heels. Trust us, you *need* to see these bad boys...

Victoria Beckham is the ultimate career woman, isn't she? Even though she has a handsome husband in David Beckham and four utterly gorgeous children, she still makes sure that she's just as dedicated to her successful fashion line as she is to her family, and her effort is certainly paying off. 

Not only does she spend her time relentlessly designing and coming up with the trends for her new season collections, she also spends a huge chunk of her time jetting across the globe to help promote it and connect with her customers directly. And that was exactly the point of her latest trip away from her hometown of London. 

Leaving her adoring family at home, 41-year-old VB flew to New York on a solo trip which saw her attend last night's prestigious CFDA Awards and has managed to pack in countless appointments with press, stockists and her colleagues alike. 

Documenting her travels to her 5.4 million-strong following on Instagram, Victoria let us in on what a day in her life is *really* like. Sure, it may be slightly chaotic, but man is it glamorous...

Rainy day in NY x meeting press X vb

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It may have been raining outside but Victoria managed to stay warm by setting up her day's worth of meetings in the ultra-chic Crosby Hotel in Soho. Kicking off her Insta-diary she posted this hilarious snap of her basically acting as her own window display, sporting a taupe midi skirt with a black piped edge which she paired with a voluminous black blouse. Sophisticated but seriously cool.

Captioning the shot, 'Rainy day in NY x meeting press X vb', Victoria was clearly ready for business. However, the most boss thing about her outfit has to be her super sexy heels.

After all, if there's one gal that knows her shoes, it's definitely VB. A self-confessed obsessive, her collection is unrivalled even by the fictional likes of Carrie Bradshaw, and her latest pair has to be one of her hottest yet.

My new @FrancescoRusso_Official x #broughttheweatherwithus x vb

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Because the first photograph was pretty dark, Victoria followed it up with a snap entirely dedicated to her new treads and yep — they're MEGA. 

The pointed shoes, with a nude colour toe and a black hued back, feature a super skinny heel and low cut across the toes. However, the most stand-out piece of the design has to be the sexy point that reached us the ankle and stops just below the her calf. Now, look again at her first pic and you'll see just how hot they are... 

Captioning her shot: 'My new @FrancescoRusso_Official x#broughttheweatherwithus x vb', if these heels don't give you major shoe envy no pair will!

Then, after a long day of chatting with the fashion industry's power players, it was time for Vic to get ready for the glittering CFDA Awards ceremony. Taking her signature robe selfie while her hair set in rollers, Victoria said: 'Does this work for the red carpet?Getting ready for the @CFDA awards, rainy day in NY x vb #CFDAAwards #broughttheweatherwithus'.

Sadly, she may not have taken home the top gongs from the awards bash but with her uh-mazing new heels in tow, she's definitely won at #TuesdayShoesday — and what's better than that, eh Vic?

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