Victoria Beckham On Being Scared Of Flat Shoes And Her Penchant For Tight Dresses

Victoria Beckham On Being Scared Of Flat Shoes And Her Penchant For Tight Dresses

She may be nothing short of a fashion icon nowadays but that wasn't always the case for Victoria Beckham. And you know what? She's ok about it...

It's fair to say we're all just a little bit obsessed with Victoria Beckham, and it's probably down to her very public transformation from that girl in the high heels and mini dress to a bonafide fashion icon and designer.

Of course, we need not remind you that she was one fifth of the most influential girl bands of all time — the Spice Girls — who then went on to completely overhaul her image to become one of the chicest ladies in the fashion biz.

In short, it's no wonder we're fascinated with her. And she's ok with it... 

Just before she unveiled her latest collection at New York Fashion Week on Sunday afternoon, the 40-year-old Brit took time out between model fittings and garment reviews to chat to the Independent about her rise to style stardom, even going as far as to address some of her harshest criticisms. 

Kicking things off in her studio in NYC, Victoria reveals that although she uses models to fit her clothes she still likes to get up-close and personal with her designs before they hit the runway:'I still put all of the clothes on myself. I want to see how they feel. How do I look? Is it comfortable? Is it flattering? Basic things that I started with are still very important to me.'

It's definitely no coincidence that when Victoria really focused on creating her own label that her own image began to change. Looking back, she reminisces: 'When I first started, I used to wear lots of tight dresses. Lots of heels. And I do still dress like that, but I suppose as time has gone on, I've loosened up a little bit.'

Now, we ALL have a dodge outfit choice from our past that, no matter how many pencil skirts and cashmere jumpers we buy, we still can't shake. However, Victoria clearly has a very healthy outlook at her previous fashion faux pas, as she went on to wax lyrical: 'Times change. Certain things I wore then felt right then, but it wouldn't feel right now.'

We don't know if our boot-cut jean and pink cami top combo ever really felt right — even back in its '90s heyday — but we hear what you're saying, Vic...

It's not just her personal taste that's called for her image overhaul — Victoria admits that getting older has made her rethink her fashion choices: 'As you get older, you get a different kind of confidence. I'm busier now – so I couldn't totter around in a tight dress and a pair of heels! I think I feel a little more relaxed.' 

'I suppose if I'm being honest, I would have been scared, right at the beginning, to wear lots of layers and to wear a flat shoe. I would have been scared to do that. Now I'm not.'

Turns out Victoria Beckham wears 'fear' well. Very well...

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