Vanessa da Silva for Topshop

Vanessa da Silva for Topshop

The East End designer brings her fun and fabulous designs to our favourite high street haven.

We love Topshop's ability to handpick and collaborate with the hottest in upcoming design talent, and they're at it yet again. Their latest exciting new capsule collection comes courtesy of illustrator-come-designer Vanessa da Silva, and we must say… We like. A lot!

A Topshop buyer stumbled across Vanessa's designs as he scoured the East End for people/clothes/trinkets that generally exude cool, and happened to wander into the little Shoreditch boutique where she sells her wares. The rest, as they say, is history.

The cutesy range of printed tees and dresses launches on Easter Monday, and is based on her own SS '09 'Dream Lands' collection — featuring ultra-colourful prints inspired by lucky charms, Brazilian folklore and beach songs. Quirky, yet commercial, it's the kind of stuff that will brighten up the dullest of days (and even if the rain does insist on falling, we intend to soldier on defiantly in our summery prints.)

The pieces all fall within the way affordable £25 to £75 price bracket, which gives us something else to smile about. Oh, and did we mention that over the past two years she's also collaborated with Basso & Brooke and Eley Kishimoto? Definitely one to watch!

Also, if you happen to be passing the flagship Oxford Street Topshop store next week, make sure you check out the window display. Vanessa is taking over for a week to celebrate the launch, dressing one of the windows as well as creating a graphic in-store display. If it's anything like her prints though, we have a feeling it won’t fail to catch your eye…

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By Sarah Karmali

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