Valentino's Epic Zoolander Moment: Watch Ben Stiller And Owen Wilson Blue Steel For REAL

Intro Deck: 

Derek: 'what say we settle this on the runway.. Hans-Solo?' Hansel: 'Are you challenging me to a walk off.... Boo-lander?' And so they did. And it was amazing.

Derek Zoolander and Hansel blue-steeling for REAL at the Valentino show in Paris was a moment the fashion world will never forget. 'Its kind of the best thing that's EVER happened at fashion week' were the flabbergasted words from the back of the InStyle car.

We'd been given a hint the night before, that the show would be something of a moment for the Italian design house known for their romantic red carpet gowns and studded 'it' shoes. For us the exquisite collection by designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli of pleated chiffon robes, dreamy floral prints - the result of a collaboration with Celia Birtwell - and graphic monochrome pieces, was exciting enough.

But once the girls had filed out, off went the classical notes and up ramped the music. Suddenly it was as if we'd entered a different universe. We had, it was Zoolander 2 and there was Ben Stiller in a custom made brocade Valentino suit and hefty creepers, strutting stupendously down the catwalk taking a video selfie as he went. Of course he was!

And before you could shout 'where's Hansel', there he was: Owen Wilson swaggering along in a silk printed pyjama suit, his double cashmere overcoat nonchalantly slung over his shoulders. When it slipped off he shrugged it off his shoulders he just let it drop on the catwalk. What a pro.

The audience were on their feet, this was total fashion hysteria and, of course, a fabulous publicity stunt for Zoolander 2. Now all we want to know is when is that movie coming out?!

By Charlotte Moore

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