How To Start A Fashion Brand, By The Founder Of Three Floor

How To Start A Fashion Brand, By The Founder Of Three Floor

We spoke to Three Floor founder Yvonne Hoang about what starting a label is really like...

Three Floor has secured its place as one of the big dress labels of the last few years. Alongside Self-Portrait, which was founded by co-founder Han Chong, the label is the obvious choice for party and bridal dresses that are simple, effortless and cool.

We caught up with Yvonne Hoang about the process of setting up the business, what life is like a few years in and the importance of social media...

What was the inspiration for Three Floor?

I had worked in the fashion industry for over 30 years, initially as a supplier, but soon came to the realisation that my passion for creativity of the design process and production became overridden by manufacturing expenditures. Having decided to that it was time to create my own premium lux label; Three Floor was born enabling me to focus my experience on creating high quality yet innovative design-led styles at a realistic cost.

How did you go about starting it?

To enable my passion to flourish I brought together a design team of talented individuals who understood the brand vision, particularly with regard to quality and detailing, but all with a collective aim to create desirable yet accessible fashion-forward pieces.

Describe the journey from having the idea to now.

I find that the creative roots remain the same but we are always in a state of transition, evolving our design from season to season. It’s hard work but seeing the end product and someone wearing your design at the end of the process is the reward. 

What’s your one tip you’d give anyone trying to start a fashion business?

As with any new business, be prepared to work hard but don’t let disappointment get you down. It’s important to believe in yourself and your achievements. It’s also vital to do your research and ensure you’re creating something that’s truly unique.

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What have been the main sacrifices and challenges?

When starting your own business you soon realise that you don’t have the freedom to leave work at work, there is always something to be done!

You’ve got a very popular Instagram - how do you think social media has changed the process of launching a brand?

Instagram is a great tool for telling your brands story to a wider audience.

Social media has allowed brands exposure like never before. We can instantly communicate directly to our customers, enabling our followers to see the workings and inspirations behind the brand, our latest campaigns and new collections.  

What do you find it useful for?

As a predominantly visual brand, instagram is a way to show off our collections in all of its intricate detailings.

For the past two seasons that we have shown at London Fashion Week, we are able to show our followers our latest collections in real time – giving insight to the backstage preparations and showcasing the final presentation.

What’s it like to be a boss?

Everyday I can make my own decisions about how best to operate day-to-day, the best part for me is the ability to choose who I work with everyday and surrounding myself with a talented close-knit team. They are the people you stand by to overcome the bad times and channel the good.

Describe your working day.

Everyday is different, ranging from giving direction to monitoring production, meeting new fabric suppliers or stockists, garment fittings, and meetings with the design team.

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