2YungKings have taken Instagram by storm

These have to be the best-dressed twins since the Olsens, right?


In a industry so serious as fashion, you might find it surprising just how welcome kids are. From North West's first FROW during this season's Paris Fashion Week to Romeo Beckham's turn as a model for Burberry; we just can't get enough of adorable kids in gorgeous clothes. And these kids are no different. 

Meet 'M' and 'D', the five-year-old twins who star in their own amazing Instagram account called 2YungKings. While their names might not be known, their swag is certainly no secret... 

Probably the best dressed twins since the Olsens, their account is jam-packed with #OOTD-worthy posts which see the stylish pair tackle tricky trends like like coloured chinos, cricket jumpers and panama hats. Trends we all need serious attitude to carry off. 

We don't know about you, but we reckon these two have more style between them than all of our other halves combined. Although, that's not exactly difficult.

If 'tude is what you want, these brothers have it in bucket loads. From their styled dreads to their signature aviator sunglasses, everything about these boys is quietly confident. A must when you're trying to pull off sartorially savvy get-ups. 

While we've whittled down more of our favourite 2YungKings looks below, there are simply FAR too many brilliant pics you just have to see. We recommend you start following M and D on Instagram pronto to get the full lot. Yep, they're going to make your feed a way more fashionable place. 

Keep up the cool work, guys... 

By Maxine Eggenberger

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