The Ultimate Party Bag Is FINALLY Here (And, Get This, It's Actually Affordable)

The Ultimate Party Bag Is FINALLY Here (And, Get This, It's Actually Affordable)

No, it's not Dolce & Gabbana...

Once in a while we come across a fashion-piece so striking that it completely stops fashion editors and bloggers alike in their tracks and this, dear InStylers, is definitely one of them... 

We clocked these utterly stunning, top handle bags a few months ago during the autumn/winter previews hosted by our favourite brands during the summer and ever since we laid eyes on them, we've been pining for one of our very own.

Modelled in timeless black and rich burgundy, snaps of these hold-alls soon started to pop up all over Instagram and Twitter, becoming one of the most shared #bagshots of the upcoming party season.


Finished with gorgeous jewels set in stop-and-stare clusters, you'd be forgiven for thinking these handbags were the work of J. Crew, Dolce & Gabbana or Lanvin. But no; we're very pleased to tell you they're actually from the high-street! 


That's right ladies, this hot style is actually from none other than Dune. Who'd have thought?


The brand may be known for it's classic staples but, for AW14, it has created a high-octane range of stunning heels, boots and flats all worthy of an outing to your glam Christmas parties. But these stunning bags have to be the label's crowning glory.


They're not just a pretty addition to your wardrobe, either. In fact, they are so roomy, that we reckon they'll even be able to fit your comfy flats for the walk home alongside all of your handbag must-haves. Yep, those teeny box clutches and satin purses are looking less appealing to us by the second... 


We're also here to tell you that, just this week, the bags have finally touched down on Dune's website and are still fully stocked in each colourway. However, we're prepared to bet our Christian Louboutins on the fact that they'll sell out in no time at all. Get them here before they go


At a mere £99, we reckon that for all that double-take potential this is one piece of arm-candy worth investing in. Roll on the party season! 


By Maxine Eggenberger

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