The Ultimate French Girl Style Guide

The Ultimate French Girl Style Guide

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When it comes to style, nobody does it like the French. Whether it's mixing timeless and trendy pieces or sporting artfully undone hair, everything they do is infused with a certain sense of effortless cool that we can't help but mimic. Here, five rules of the trade that we've gleaned over the years. De rien, ladies.

1. Fake it 'til you make it

When asked about the secret to French girl style, Parisian stylist Camille Seydoux told us, "I think French girls pretend to be lazy when it comes to style. She's not going to admit that she spends 50 minutes getting ready. She needs to look effortless, like 'oh, my hair is naturally like this,' when in fact, she uses hair product and styling tools. She'll look as though she just kissed her boyfriend, but really, she dabbed her lipstick on with a finger. We love to look like everything is completely natural."

2. Take inspiration from the greats

If you want to pull off the quintessential French look, take notes from the fashion icons who invented it. Exhibit A: Brigitte Bardot's sweater/chinos/ballet flats combo with a scarf tied nonchalantly around the neck.

3. Simplify your beauty routine

It's no small secret that French women embrace their natural beauty. Achieve that Parisian je ne sais quoi with French Girl Organics, an all-natural line of skin care and beauty products.

4. Dress the part

According to Parisian style blogger Marie Gilliot of Into Your Closet, every French girl needs a designer bag, a striped shirt, a red lip, and a pair of skinny jeans.

5. Get perfectly tousled hair

Everyone wants French girl hair—you know, that wavy, stylishly unkempt look. Fortunately, we have an easy cheat: David Mallett's Volume Paris hair powder. You'll have Charlotte Gainsbourg-style fringe with just a couple of pumps.

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