The stay-cation shopping experience!

The stay-cation shopping experience!

Roberta Massy-Birch reveals her ultimate shopping secret: a fashion treasure trove in Lyme Regis that Kate Moss would love.

My stay-cation experience this summer was a three-hour trip down to the Dorset coast in Lyme Regis and vintage shopping heaven.

It is always a little painful to share these finds with the rest of the world but I think it is my obligation to do so, as this shop is just so fabulous.

En route to the idyllic English beach, holding a candy-stripe bag of clotted cream fudge I wandered into a little vintage shop called Sublyme, shaped like one of those adorable old smuggler cottages.

The shop sells printed 1950s French Riviera dresses, silk 30s-style shirts, and gorgeous shoes and accessories that would attract the sharpest of magpies. It also has been known to carry the odd couture piece. Models like Heidi Klum and Kate Moss love the one-of-a-kind appeal that vintage provides and this shop would be a sure-fire hit with these fashion-savvy celebrities.

The best part about this boutique is its prices - that delicious combination of vintage pieces in very good condition but with a second-hand price tag. The stay-cation maybe a little unpredictable weather-wise, but for fashion fancy I recommend this British beach-side boutique!

Sublyme is at 5 Silver St, Lyme Regis, DT7 3HR. Or contact them on 01297 444397.

By Roberta Massy-Birch

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